The Tools and Workshop

The SnoCo Makers operates two spaces within the same industrial park. We maintain 3,100 sq. ft of "Makerspace". When you visit our workshop you'll find a wide variety of tools that are at your disposal. For those who are new to "making" some of these tools might be a little intimidating; fear not! Most of those  people using the tools had no idea how to when they showed up. We are a community and if you find a tool you need to use we will help you learn how to use it safely and confidently. If you'd like a class to be scheduled or even one on one just let us know. If you don't what you need to create your project ask around! Expert Mode? Awesome! Please consider sharing some of your expertise with at least a couple people so we can help share it with all. 

We have a ton of tools and access to even more if you need the resource, so ask!

A couple of the big items include:

Metals: Shaping, Grinding, Cutting, Turning and Milling.

Wood: CNC Router, Table Saw, Band Saw, Lathes, Chop Saw, Sanding, Shaping, Drills, Planes, and Planer.

Plastics: Vacuum Chamber, Casting/Mold Making Materials, Sheet Bender, and Injection Molding 

Other items include CNC Lasers, 7 - 3D printers, Vinyl Cutter, Sewing Machines and more... 

The Organization

The Snohomish County Makers Group is formed as a non-profit corporation in the state of Washington as “SnoCo Makers Corporation”. We are a 501(c)(3) public charity. Our papers and meetings that have been transcribed are available on this Google Drive. The bylaws are written so that no director or officer receive any compensation besides the warm-fuzzies; all income goes back into the organization.

Our purpose is the advancement of knowledge in computer science and maker activities for any interested parties in the Snohomish County area regardless of their ability to contribute financially. We provide workshop space and tools for use to those who could not otherwise afford them.

As a non-profit we are not interested in joining personal ventures, commercial activities or partnerships, or affiliating with any groups outside of other maker related non-profits.


The board of directors consist of six members: Charles Ihler of Everett, Kelly Gruol of Everett, Richard Johnson of Mill Creek, Harry George of Lynnwood, Z Johnson of Mill Creek and .

We are looking for members interested in the business administration, marketing and event coordination. The board rotates members as needed, please express an interest and attend the annual meeting if you’d like to join the board.

Membership: Everyone of our supporting members are critical to our existence. While we do not have a voting membership they do have a voice and the directors are obligated to the best interests of the members.

SnoCo Makers co-organized an informal cooperative called Make Washington. The purpose of this group is for resource coordination, mentoring and sharing between regional maker groups.

Organization Document Share On Google Drive

Founded (Officially) on February 24th, 2015.

Current Officers:

President: Kelly Gruol

Vice President: Richard Johnson

Secretary: Chas Ihler

Treasurer: Rich Johnson

Other Volunteer Positions:

Marketing Director: Z. Johnson

Metal Workshop Manager: Chas Ihler

Woodshop Manager:  Richard Johnson

Rapid Prototyping Manager: <open>

Safety Manager: Everyone

Workshop Coordinator: Tony Baltazar

Growth Committee Chair: Tony Baltazar

.. do you see a job that's not listed here but you feel you'd be interested in doing? Contact the President.

SnoCo Makers organization is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

EIN: 47-3499005

Email Us
info at

11604 Airport Rd Suit D200 Everett, WA 98204

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